What is Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is the threat or use of

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Mental
  • Financial or
  • Cultural abuse

between adults in an intimate relationship, between adults and children or between children themselves. This abuse may include destruction of property and damage of personal items, pets, clothes, isolation from friends and family or other potential sources of support, threats to others including children, stalking and control over access to money, personal items, food, transportation. Control of mobiles and texting threats or obscene messages.

Domestic Violence is a Crime

Domestic abuse occurs in throughout all walks of llife. It occurs in families from every financial, religious, cultural and educational background.

Are you being abused

If your partner or a family member uses POWER to CONTROL you over time, then you are being abused.


This can happen in a number of different ways including:

Physically Harming or Frightening You

This includes hitting, pushing, preventing you from moving by holding and breaking and damaging objects around you in order to frighten and control you.

Forcing you to have sex against your will

This includes any unwanted fondling or touching or any unwanted sexual act that may hurt you. You may be forced to watch pornographic films.

Verbally Abusing You

This includes criticising you, calling you names, ignoring you in other ways insulting you and undermining your confidence and belief in yourself.

Isolating You

This includes which friends or family members you see and when you may see them, in order to isolate you from others who may provide you with support and information.

Economically Controling You

This includes keeping money from you and providing you with money when you behave to please the abuser.

Culturally Isolating You

This includes ridiculing you or putting down your beliefs or culture or preventing you from belonging to, or taking part in a group that is important to your spiritual beliefs, or practicing your religion. Not allowing you to learn English. Using threats based on immigration/visa

If you feel that your are in an abusive situation and in need of support, you can contact us by calling 01 286 6163. Our HELPLINE is operational 24 hours.